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We have created booklets to help you accomplish the mission of making disciples through the power of the gospel.

These booklets are meant to be tools to help guide your conversations with others.


Begin with the coaching booklet and then choose whatever topics are relevant. Click on each image to download a booklet in pdf.

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The mission of our church is, “To glorify God by making disciples through the power of the gospel.” This mission is based on Jesus’ great commission to His disciples in Matthew 28:18-20. This passage clearly becomes the guiding passion of God’s followers for the rest of the New Testament. The book of Acts describes the history of this mission impact on the known world. The epistles are Paul’s practical outworking of that mission in local churches. There is no question that God wants His people to be making disciples of others.


God's Glory


We live for God through the power of the Gospel in our lives. When we dwell on the Gospel and then reflect the Gospel to our spouses, we are pursuing God in our marriage. God’s glory then becomes more precious than our marriage.

We live for God by fulfilling the roles that God has designed for us in our marriage. God has given us instruction on how life will go best for us. That is ultimately for our good and His glory. When we seek to model those roles from a heart of gratitude, God’s glory becomes more precious than our marriage.

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