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Observing other experienced counselors will help prepare you to an effective counselor yourself! The BEST way is to attend a LIVE session with one of our counselors. However this is not always possible so we wanted to provide an alternative method. 

The Institute of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship (IBCD) has recorded several counseling session that can be observed with a subscription. It is fairly cheap ($6/month) and will give yo access to LOTS of classes, not just the observation videos! To start your individual subscription, click here. 

To access the observations videos, login to the website, then to go "My Account." On the dashboard that comes up, click on "My Videos" then "Observation VOD Library." There you will see all the session listed. 


Below are some of Pastor Jamie's thoughts on certain sessions. Watch that session, then click on the videos below for a recap from Pastor Jamie. 

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