Thanks for your interest in the worship team.

Here are a few things that you should know about our worship ministry in advance:

  1. We are about one thing, the worship of Jesus.  We are not about performing, we are not about music, we are about ushering people into worship of Jesus.  That is what drives this ministry.  Songs are great but Jesus is the only thing we should be worshipping!

  2. God is worthy of our excellence and so we push very hard to be excellent at what we do.  Not so that we can be known as "the awesome worship team" but because God deserves our best just as he gave us His best in sending Jesus for us!

  3. We audition everyone.  Don't be offended that we are asking you to audition.  We want to be up front with you about what we are about and we also want to be sure you are a great fit for the ministry.  

  4. There is a time commitment to be serving on the worship team.  We rehearse not only on Sunday mornings but we also expect you to come to rehearsal prepared.  These things are non-negotiable. 


Prepare the following things:

Keys / Piano:





Male Vocalist:

Female Vocalist:


Chord Charts / Capoed Chord Charts / Lyrics

All songs above are linked to Youtube videos of the arrangement of the song you should seek to prepare.  You should attempt to play the song as much like the original as possible.  Note that the recordings may not be in the key you are asked to play it in. has an app for iOS and Mac called "Prime."  This app has all the parts to the various songs along with the click tracks you will audition to.  You may login to the app with the following credentials to gain access to the audition songs.


Password:  Redemption


When you are ready to audition, reach out to Pastor Adam and get a time scheduled.